ALL MEETINGS START AT 7.30 PM AND ARE HELD IN THE ORIEL ROOM OF THE FREE CHURCH HALL IN NORTHWAY NW11 UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED.     During the UK Coronavirus Lockdown we will not be meeting at the Free Church Hall and where possible meetings will be held online using Zoom.  All HGS Astronomical Society members will be sent a link to the meetings by email.   If you are a member and have not received an email, or if you are not a member but would like to receive an invitation to the meeting, please contact us.

January 27th 2021 "Dark skies and managing Light Pollution "      Isabelle Ficker

February 24th 2021 " Astronomical site testing in the 1970s"   Paul Cass

March 31st 2021  "Astronaut training for the ISS and Manned Mars Rover Missions" Jazz Rasool

April 28th 2021 " Galactic superwave Theory " Dr. Paul LaViolette 

May 26th 2021 "The work of the International Astronomical Youthcamps" Dan Mortimer

June 30th 2021 "London  skies during the 2020 and 2021 lockdowns" Professor Jeff Duckett 

July 28th 2021 "Apollo 15" Mark Yates

August 25th 2021" Yuri Gagarin at the HGS borders - 60 years on." Lester Hillman

September 29th 2021 "The Viking Mars Mission" Jim and Cathy Rowe

October 27th 2021  "Star Core Zeus is on its way! " Rupert Holmes

November  24th 2021 "Exploring radio galaxies with the MeerKAT telescope".  Imogen Whittam