ALL MEETINGS START AT 7.30 PM AND ARE HELD IN THE ORIEL ROOM OF THE FREE CHURCH HALL IN NORTHWAY NW11 UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED.     During the UK Coronavirus Lockdown we will not be meeting at the Free Church Hall and where possible meetings will be held online using Zoom.  All HGS Astronomical Society members will be sent a link to the meetings by email.   If you are a member and have not received an email, or if you are not a member but would like to receive an invitation to the meeting, please contact us.

September 30th 2020 "Brown Dwarfs" Ben Burningham  - via Zoom if restrictions still in place

October 28th 2020  "Astrocycles & Civilisations, The Star-Core Orbit & The Ages of the World Rupert Holms via Zoom                                                            The theme is the cycles of cataclysm every 4000 years and how this has influenced the rise and fall of civilisation. Generally, we believe the duration of       history & civilisation is about 5000 years. However, Classical Authorities believed that human civilisation had existed for at least 20,000 years but it had been   punctuated by a series of cosmic disasters. Evidence for this opinion shall be presented....

November 25th 2020  "Observing and photographing Solar eclipses"  Tom  Kerss